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Summer Pedicure Ideas

Summer is the season when women start taking extra care for their skin because it is the time of the year when they show it the most. They begin hydrating them better, exfoliating them, and, of course, take extra care of their pedicures.

To prepare you for the summer we decided to share with you some fresh summer pedicure ideas which you can try in order to have cool pedicure for the summer. Check them out!

#1 Keep it simple

The first of the ideas we are going to share with you is a traditional one. You only need to keep your pedicure simple meaning in one or two colors. You can choose some red hue nail polish and you can match it with white or even black if you do not want you pedicure to be too bright.

Or what you can do is to keep things even more simple and apply only one nail polish color. Another color, apart from the red one you can try, is mint green color, or yellow one. They will match the freshness and colorfulness of the summer season and will bring some good mood.

#2 Add some sparkle

There is just not way to miss to add some pedicure that consists of glitter. This type of manicure, with a fingernail polished in glitter, is very popular with women, and so it is the same type of pedicure. That is why you may try this idea.

You will need three types of nail polish: mint green, white and golden glitter. After you shape your toenails the way you want them to be, apply the mint green color on your big, index, and little toenails. Then get the white and apply it on the middle toenail and then apply the glitter on your forth toenail. If your forth toenail is very small one, you could try another color combination.

You can apply white nail polish on your index toenail and glitter on your middle toenail. This way you will leave the forth and the little toenails polished in mint green color.

#3 French pedicure

French manicure is one of the most popular types of manicures. It is classical one and a lot of women prefer to stick to it for special occasions. If you are fans of it, then you can take it to the next level and have French pedicure for the summer as well.

However, you need to have long toenails if you want this type of pedicure to fit you best. You may also let your toenails grow a little in order to have a better-looking pedicure. And what you also need to have in mind for this type of pedicure is that you need to be careful and not let your toenails grow too long because this way your pedicure will not look good.

You can also add some decoration on your big toenail since there is the most space. It could be some splash of nail polish glitter or some small drawing, like a flower, that will match the French pedicure.

#4 Geometric shapes

The next pedicure idea is one of the top ones when it comes to manicures. It is very popular with women. Basically, geometric shapes could be drawn on any of the fingernails, but when it comes to pedicures, the big toenail is the one that has the most space to draw some geometrical shape.

You can stick to some more simple ones with just a couple of colors. You may choose light green and milk pinky and have a fresh combination perfect for the summer.

#5 Anchor pedicure

And since we are giving pedicure ideas for the summer, you can try s typical summer one connected to the sea and the beach – anchor pedicure.

What you need to do for this is use the big toenail’s space to draw the anchor. First, however, you need to apply the base nail polish on the rest of the toenails. You will need some blue color, preferably not too light one.

Once you finish applying the nail polish on the other toenails, you can move on to the big toenail. Apart from drawing an anchor, you could create some marine stripe with blue and white as a base for the anchor. If you do not want to, you can leave the base in a white nail polish and draw the anchor on top.

It may sound difficult to draw an anchor but it is not so. You will need some black nail polish and a super thin nail polish brush, or even a toothpick if you prefer. First you need to draw a cross. Then draw a half circle line where the vertical line of the cross ends. The end of it should be right where the middle part of this half circle line.

Then draw two small arrows heads on the two ends of the half-circle line. And the last thing you need to draw to make the anchor complete is a circle at the top end of the vertical line of the cross. And the anchor will be ready.

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