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Tricks that Will Help You Hide Greasy Hair Immediately

Women have probably heard a 100 times that they should not wash their hair every day because this not only makes their hair become even greasier, but it is not good for the strength and health of their hair. This means that a woman should spend a couple of days without washing her hair and at the end of this time, the roots of the hair will have become oily. And this is not a pretty picture.

So, how to find the golden mean and look pretty when the roots of our hair are a bit greasy? Today we are going to show you this. Here are some hacks and tricks that will help you hide greasy hair until it is time to wash your hair again.

#1 Use baby powder

A lot of women have already started using baby powder instead of a dry shampoo. Baby powder does the same thing but faster and I can say better. What you need to do is sprinkle some baby powder on the roots of your hair and rub it into your scalp. This way the powder will absorb the excess oil produced and your hair will not look greasy at all.

Of course, you should not expect that your hair would be the same as if you have washed it, it will not be as soft and shiny, but at least it will not be greasy. This is a fast and sure coverage of greasy roots.

#2 Wear a hat

Another quick way of hiding the greasy roots of your hair is by wearing a hat. Personally I prefer wearing hats when my hair is not just washed because hats take away the volume of one’s hair and make it look thin. That is also another reason to wear hats when your hair is greasy.

Summer is also the best time to wear a hat because this way you will protect your head from the sunlight as well. The only problem is that at one point you may have to take off the hat and the greasy hair will show. In such case you may try some of the other ideas of hiding greasy roots as well.

#3 Try braids

If you want to hide greasy hair, then one of the best ways to do so is to braid your hair. This is because when you braid your hair, especially on small braids, it would not show that the hair is greasy. This is one of the perfect cover-ups. Fishtail braids are the best ones in this case because one’s hair is braided from the roots of the hair and this is where one’s hair gets greasy first.

When your hair is braided, you will see that there will be no sign of the greasiness. Besides, braids have always been one of the top summer trends which also means that this season you can try them on for sure.

#4 Tie your hair up in a bun

The next type of hairstyle you can try when you want to hide the greasy roots of your hair is a bun. What you need to do is get a tight high bun. Make sure you brush your hair well and tie it in a high ponytail before you create the bun. This way the bun will also be nicely secured. Remember that a high type of bun will do a better job when it comes to hiding greasy roots than a low one.

#5 Use gel

I personally love hairstyles with gel but I would hardly want to use it when my hair is freshly washed. That is why I wait till it gets a little greasy. This is actually the best time to have a sleek-back hairstyle. What you need to do is apply some hair gel on the crown of your head and sleek it back with a comb.

You will create a “wet” hair effect on purpose and this way you will hide the greasiness of your hair. It is one of the coolest cover-ups for greasy hair and makes your hairstyle look cool and fashionable. You should definitely try it in some greasy situation.

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