Michigan Muslim Performs Sick Act Between Daughter’s Legs, Gives Judge 3 Word Excuse - US NEWS
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Michigan Muslim Performs Sick Act Between Daughter’s Legs, Gives Judge 3 Word Excuse

A Michigan woman has gotten a bit more attention than she wanted after police learned about the shocking thing she did between her daughter’s legs. Unfortunately for her, things would soon get worse as a trial has since been set, but now, the woman demanded that the judge let her free – and the shocking 3-word excuse she gave made it even worse.

Most of the country is aware of the female genital mutilation (FGM) practice that was recently discovered in Detroit, Michigan, in a section of town that has become a hotbed for Muslims, refugees, and Islamic tradition. Sadly, because of outdated beliefs, they’re still doing things like cutting into the genitals of little girls despite the fact that there is no health benefit.

In all, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala is accused of mutilating at least 100 girls before she was caught, but prosecutors have only been able to locate 12 parents responsible for allowing the atrocity. Among those is 31-year-old Fatema Dahodwala, who just so happens to be a stay at home mom.

Seeing how their trial is still 8 months away, the judge ruling over the case has ordered the women to wear ankle monitors to ensure they stay in the city. Not so shockingly, the entitled brats that had their own children cut open have already begun to complain, starting with Dahodwala.
The Muslim woman had demanded that the judge set her free and even dropped a sickening 3-word excuse as validation for her demands. According to Mail Online, the Muslim woman wants her ankle monitor removed because it “irritates her skin.” Sadly, that’s not the only lame excuse her lawyer gave in a letter to the courts:

“The device is physically uncomfortable, and causes irritation to the skin,” defense lawyer Brian Legghio wrote in a court filing Tuesday. “The GPS tether device is unnecessarily intrusive, more importantly, its visual presence and its intermittent beeping requires (Fatema) to explain to her eight-year-old and five-year-old children why their mother must wear an electronic bracelet on her ankle.” [Source: The Detroit News]
At the end of the day, this disgusting criminal wants a judge to let her off her leash simply because the ankle monitor is a little uncomfortable and embarrassing. Really? Well, how “uncomfortable” was her daughter while getting her genitals “intrusively” cut off against her will? Did she care that when her daughter will have to explain to future doctors or a spouse why her genitals look different?

The hypocrisy here is astounding, but if this woman thinks that she’s going to just be freed to walk around on her own, she’s got another thing coming. Dahodwala is involved in perhaps the most disturbing case to come out of the American Muslim community in quite some time, meaning that there’s a good chance she could just make a run for it at any moment.

In the meantime, she better get used to being a little “uncomfortable” because that ankle monitor isn’t going anywhere. She will stay in Detroit, and she will most certainly answer for the horrors to which she subjected her own daughter.

This case is disturbing on so many levels, but the only thing that makes it worse is the entitlement mentality that comes along with those being charged. Despite the severity of their crimes, they actually think people will be sympathetic to their suffering, proving that they still don’t get it. The agony that those kids experienced was much worse than anything they’re about to endure – so, until their court date comes around, they can just deal with it, because it’s only gonna get worse when justice is finally served.

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