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Women Hit, Killed by Illegal Immigrant. Who Was Deported 8 Times…

There’s different kinds of illegal immigrants living in the US. For instance, there’s the show ponies the DNC trots out onstage (see #DNC: Mother, Daughter Get Standing Ovation… For Being Illegal Immigrants?). And then there’s illegals like this…

An illegal alien who killed two women in a drunken hit-and-run in Louisville, Ky. has been deported eight times, the Justice Department revealed on Wednesday.
Miguel Angel Villasenor-Saucedo, 40, was driving a truck when he hit and killed two women who were on the side of a highway in Louisville following a traffic accident. After striking the women, the Mexican national fled the scene on foot.
He has not been apprehended, but a federal grand jury indicted him this week for illegal re-entry after deportation. If convicted of illegal re-entry, the illegal alien faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

Sound familiar? This isn’t the first of its kind. Here’s a brief list of illegal highlights from the past year…

Stories like this keep popping up like… Well, illegal immigrants. The obvious thru line? These violent cretins should have never been here in the first place. Unfortunately for their victims, they were always just one border hop away from being murdered. Doomed to an inevitable fate thanks to our tawdry national security (see ICE Brags About Arresting 101 Illegals… Out of 172,000). At least they tried.

Take this guy for example – he was deported eight times. Persistent little wart. You’d think after, say, the first three or four times, officials would begin to sense what we call a “pattern.” See, when something happens consistently in the same manner it becomes easy to predict what will happen next. For instance, ICE being a festering pile of fail? Predictable. It’s part of a long, rich pattern of suck.

It’s stories like this that Democrats always ignore. By shoving their heads firmly in the rectum of the closest feminist they can find. Hence why the political pendulum swung, bulldozing its way through the Democrat establishment. Seems like Americans are a tad fed up with the leftist way of handling such criminality (read 1,800 Illegal Immigrants to be Deported. Obama Admin Grants Citizenship Instead…).

Here’s hoping the wall is guarded with three-headed dragons.

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