Prostitutes Confessed: How Did I Deceive Me After I Was Pregnant 39-year-old Businessman ... - US NEWS
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Prostitutes Confessed: How Did I Deceive Me After I Was Pregnant 39-year-old Businessman …

A 25-year-old woman told me “The Sun” her story with a businessman client. She has said she has left her job as a prostitute because of her, but she has stopped all contact with her after she realized that she was pregnant, follows the world today.

Below you can read her full story:
I worked as an escort when my client told me he really wanted me and wanted me to be with me forever.

So I gave up on work, but later discovered that all he wanted was free sex.

I’m 25 and started working as an ecommerce when I got into debt and a friend suggested this job as a way to increase my income.

I started working there part-time, but I paid far better than women working in full-time sales.

After about six months, I met this client. He looked beautiful, treated me with good food in our meetings, and I thought I had found my special love. He was 39 years old and had his business.

We passed so well that he suggested that we continue our relationship, provided I stopped doing this job as an escort.

I did not leave what I used to defend, as I thought my pills were bleeding from the chemist, would be enough for an unwanted pregnancy.

However, I missed the cycle after the contraceptives had no effect and, as a result, I became pregnant.

My boyfriend was against the child and suggested that I abort, but I decided to keep the baby.

I met his parents and some of his friends, and I began to get used to the idea of ​​being a family.

Then I got a message from him, where he said he no longer wanted the baby and I have to remove it.

He said I was a prostitute and he could not be the father of a prostitute’s child.

I was shocked, especially since he had told me he would always love me and that he did not want anything more than he was with me all the time.

Now I was born our daughter, but he has stopped all contacts.

He does not answer my calls, has fled from his apartment and has changed his phone number. I do not even know where he lives.

I’m staying with my parents as a single mother. Should I seek his support for the child or tell his parents that they have a granddaughter?

The psychologist’s answer:

Your daughter’s father is obliged to pay for the maintenance of the child. This is for her good, not a gift to you, so ask this from him.

Contact the “Child Care Options” for information and assistance for finding it (, 0800 988 0988).

If you can, write to your parents to tell them they have a granddaughter. This will give them time to reflect before they answer.

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