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Unbelievable, which penis satisfies a woman most – made or not done

Even though this would never be accepted, women are very curious about what the man is hiding in the panties. Thinking about “What Is It?”, “How Big Is It?”, “Is It Turned Or Not?”

Every answer to this question is individual and depends on everybody’s tastes, the Telegraph reports. Here is their experience of whether it is the best sex with a penis made of synet or with untroubled penis:


Although circumference does not affect libido and function, it is a fact that the half of the tooth is removed from the penis. That means losing neuroreceptors that are sensitive to slow-motion, says scientists from Korea.

And not only, a research at the University of Michigan has proved that the most sensitive part of the male’s penis is the place where the cut occurred. One possible explanation is that after cutting, in a way, the penis is itself protected from further injuries, and thus becomes less sensitive.

The risk of infections

When a man is not circumcised, there are more chances to gather from head to skin, which is an ideal place for bacterial development. So women who have unripped men’s partners have more chances of getting infected with bacteria in the vagina says an epidemiologist from Chicago, Supra Mehta.

Also, non-circumcised men could easily transmit sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and HPV.


“Although most men smoothly keep the ‘territory’ clean under the skin, this requires more work,” says Karen Bojl. For this, many women may have the feeling that unclean boys are fresh, so they may feel more relaxed during sex, says gynecologist Alisa Dvek.


There is no exact answer to how the synergy affects women’s enjoyment. Some research has shown that women with circumcised men are more satisfied than women with unrelated partners (though some research has shown the opposite).

Some women say that the stylized penis looks more beautiful than the one that has not been done. Others say the opposite. For sexual intercourse, syntax has no particular effect on women. For heads-up men, the head loses little sensitivity and they can continue with sexual act.


Women who have problems with the most pleasant slurry have sex with their unclean partner. Men who have not been circumcised need very little lubricant during sex or masturbation, given that their penis is naturally wet, reveals Danish research.

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