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10 Transgender Men Who Fell Pregnant In The Face Of Incredible Adversity

It goes without saying that there has definitely been an increase in visibility of transgender people and the various issues that they still currently face.

The media has taken more of an interest in the lives of transgender people by centering informative documentaries and news stories around them in order to normalize the community.

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We are more likely, now than ever before, to discuss contentious issues surrounding people whose anatomy does not align with mainstream society’s ideas of gender.

For instance, the topic of transgender men and their ability to get pregnant challenges widely-held beliefs about which genders can biologically give birth to children.

Fortunately, now that our society is continuously increasing in acceptance and tolerance towards LGBTQ+ people, the stories of pregnant transgender men are becoming steadily more mainstream.

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By documenting their pregnancies in the way that cisgender people would document theirs, they are increasing the visibility of trans people for other members of their community to draw support from.

So, without further ado, here are 10 trans men who are challenging the way society views gender and pregnancy.

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1. Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie is still the most well-known pregnant man in the world – and that’s because, if you remember, he was supposedly the very first! He became pregnant through artificial insemination back in 2007 due to his wife’s infertility, and the world was instantly fascinated by the seeming impossibility of their situation.

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